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Musical Recordings


Violin Concerto #2, Bruch

This performance is from Ann's 2005 album "Bach, Schubert & Bruch". This was played and recorded as a tribute to Heifetz's sweet and warm sound of the 40's-50's. The orchestra helps to create the vintage feel. Bruch's Concerto #2 available on Itunes.

Yankee Doodle Variations, Vieuxtemps. Live on From the Top (2003)

14-year old Ann brings down the house on NPR's From the Top with her electrifying signature piece.Ann makes her violin simulate a fife whistling and then her bow arm plays Yankee Doodle's Presto triple-stop conclusion with breathtaking accuracy and conviction.

Belgian violinist/composer Henri Vieuxtemps wrote this piece for an American tour in the 1840's. Yankee Doodle Variations received an ecstatic welcome from American audiences, so much so that Vieuxtemps ultimately regretted writing the piece that American audiences always demanded he play.

Scherzo and Trio, Schubert (2005)
Available on itunes

Ann plays Franz Schubert's delightful Scherzo and Trio with charm and zest. This sonata is on Ann's 2005 album "Bach, Schubert & Bruch".

Beethoven innovated the "scherzo" (literally "joke" in Italian) as a piece identical in form to a more regal minuet, but playful in style. Schubert worked in the shadow of his contemporary, Beethoven, and was not well-known during his lifetime. He lived an impoverished and bohemian lifestyle. This light-hearted piece was written for his intimate private parties (called "Schubertiad") with his close admirers (called "Schuberians"), who often participated in the performances.

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This artist was selected for inclusion in the Pennsylvania Performing Arts on Tour Roster. Funding may be available to support performance engagements.

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